Share Location App

Easily share your location or locate friends and family by phone number or email address.

When you share your location, those you share with can view your real-time location from any web-enabled device, no app or sign up required!

Share your location with a family member who’s always worried or request location from a friend who’s always late. No matter what, Share Location App makes it easy to answer “Where are you?”.

Share Location App features:

  • Share your real-time location
  • Easily locate friends and family
  • Share your location temporarily or permanently
  • Get directions to friends and family
  • See past location history
  • Monitor battery level, driving speed, and weather conditions
  • Receive alerts when friends or family are nearby
  • Track a lost or stolen phone
  • Runs in the background
  • Works anywhere you have GPS and data

Use Share Location App anytime you need an easy way to share your location or locate friends and family.

Download Share Location App today!