A real-time location sharing app
built for accuracy and reliability.

Easily share your location or locate friends and family.

See all your friends and family on a map Locate your friends and family View the exact location of your friends or family members on the map Zoom in to your friends and family exact location

When you share your location, those you share with can view your real-time location from any web-enabled device, no app or sign up required!

Share your location with a family member who’s always worried or request location from a friend who’s always late. No matter what, Share Location makes it easy to answer “Where are you?”.

Share Location features

  • Share your real-time location
  • Easily locate friends and family
  • Share your location temporarily or permanently
  • Get directions to friends and family
  • See past location history
  • Monitor battery level, driving speed, and weather conditions
  • Receive alerts when friends or family are nearby
  • Get notified when friends and family come and go with Place Alerts
  • Track a lost or stolen phone
  • Runs in the background
  • Works anywhere you have GPS and data

Loved by our users

See why Share Location is the #1 location sharing app with 4.5 star ratings on the App Store.

The best and most reliable tracking app that provides accurate and up to date location information of friends, family and loved ones. Great peace of mind during these tough times due to a world wide pandemic and troubling times. Extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend it.
We have a towing business and sometimes I need to know location of my husband but don’t want to bother him while he is working. Also sometimes I need to bring him equipment and this saves us time as I can drive right to him to bring him what he needs.
I love this app and it’s not because u want it keep track of my man cause he’s great he is just really bad at answering the phone or he leaves it in the car or his ringer is off and he works overnights so I can tell he’s is safe and My stressed out personality can relax lol
naliy kk
Worth the subscription - It is real time and accurate. My son can see where I am and I can see where he is at. Absolutely wonderful, you will NOT be disappointed!
Brilliant app. Real peace of mind
lough moss bill
I love the location app bc I see my friends all the time and some of them don’t know where I live so I send them my location and address and it really helps it’s really helpful!! :)
This is pretty cool love I can see where my daughters at no stressing wondering where she is and I can’t get lost either.
Excellent App to find Family and Friends.
Barbara Matranga
This app has everything you need to know It’s always useful for the ones you love I recommend it for anyone who wants the best
This my shareable link to find your Freinds way better than your others ones on your mobile phone

Use Share Location anytime you need an easy way to share your location or locate friends and family.

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